Following the line of environmental protection of our territory, we continue the mission with some updates.

Our water arrives at KM LIGURIA from the Ligurian source of Calizzano, which as you know is supplied to us in glass bottles, providing us with the collection of empty bottles for reuse.
We therefore eliminate the release of plastic into the environment from the common but very harmful plastic bottles.

The free supply and rental of our water bottles for your excursions will have attached the map of the fountains in Levanto and Cinque Terre, so as to allow you not to buy plastic water even outside our campsite (99% of bars in the province continue to sell plastic) and to use public water.

You will find the QR code at the reception and on the bottles, so you can easily locate the public fountains during your excursions, on the Google map that we have prepared.

To date, our photovoltaic system has produced 7 megawatts, avoiding the release of 3037 kg of CO2 into the environment, for an equivalent total of 91 trees planted.
Thanks to photovoltaics we have also halved the costs of electricity consumption.

Acqua Calizzano, glass bottles for reuse